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About Us

Medapply is an award-winning, student-led organisation working to break down the barriers standing in your way to achieving your place in medical or dental school. We appreciate that the path is rigorous and recognised the need for a comprehensive and accessible service providing help for every step of the application process. 

1000+ hours taught 

740 average tutor UCAT score

Top decile average tutor BMAT score

1800+ students taught

Our Aims


To offer the highest standard of online teaching

Built by current medical students from top UK universities, our courses are formed through extensive collaboration, research and, most importantly, the personal experiences of previous students.

To make the routes into medicine and dentistry more transparent

We provide university-specific advice in our courses and through our tutors.

To inspire the next generation of medics and dentists

We encourage students to use the forum to ask questions to our tutors and team about all aspects of the pathway to medicine, not only limited to the application process


To make medicine and dentistry more accessible by offering access to courses via schools

This ensures that all aspiring medical and dental students have the resources to excel in their applications.

The Medapply Formula and Tuition Pathway 

Using our extensive experiences of teaching combined with our expert understanding of the admissions processes, we have developed the Medapply formula and pathway; tried and tested routes for our students to follow to maximise their success. 

Meet The Team

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Katherine Terence
Co-founder and director
  • LinkedIn

Katherine is a second year medical student at UCL responsible for building Medapply's online presence through our website and social media. Outside of medicine she pursues several interests such as art, music and reading. 

Shrey Parmar
Co-founder and director
  • LinkedIn

Shrey is a second year medic at UCL with a love for cricket and squash. Shrey ensures that everything is running smoothly from finances to correspondence in his role.

Vacha Fadia
Content Manager

Vacha is a second year medical student at UCL interested in psychiatry. She plays an integral role in creating content for our courses, webinars, and is the editor of our newsletters. In her free time she enjoys developing new teaching methods.

Vivek Sivadev
Content Manager

Vivek is a first year medic St Andrews University.  His role involves creating content for our courses and webinars, writing forum posts and making sure our content is up to date. In his spare time he actively pursues his interest in karate.

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Shahyr Shezad 
Content Creator

Shahyr is a first year medical student at UCL who loves playing cricket. His role is to help in the creation of content for our courses and webinars.

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Naveena Rikhraj
Content Manager

Naveena is a first year University of St Andrews medic. She is involved in reaching out to students for feedback, updating the Medapply YouTube channel and delivering webinars. She is thrilled to be helping students succeed in their medical/dental applications.

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