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BMAT Masterclasses

Learn techniques to master the BMAT during our live cohort-based course

What does the course involve?

The Medapply BMAT Masterclass is cohort-based course covering all aspects of the BMAT. Led by an expert course lead, you and a small group of students will learn our best techniques over four, two-hour lessons. You will receive offline support from your course lead and the chance to discuss questions and UCAS applications via our online platform.

Course Outline

Lesson One

Intro to the BMAT and critical thinking

Lesson Two

Covers the key points of the BMAT science specification

Lesson Three

Consolidate the content from lesson two

Ace the BMAT!
Lesson Four

Learn how to write the perfect BMAT essay

Each session will consist of one hour of teaching with integrated questions, 30 mins of challenging questions and 30 mins of general Q&A. Teaching will cover all question types and specific techniques for each.

What are the benefits of Medapply BMAT Masterclasses?

The Medapply community

Cohort based learning gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers.

24/7 offline support

Ask your tutor any questions using our online platform out of lesson hours.

The Medapply formula

Each masterclass is summarised by the Medapply formula to consolidate your knowledge. 

Expert student tutors

Our tutors hail from top medical and dental schools.

Proven techniques for success

Our unique tips will help you ace the BMAT and improve your confidence. 


Hear what our past students and parents have to say about our courses!

'The detailed explanations on general structures to use for each section of the UCAT were really helpful to understand how to approach each question. I enjoyed how interactive the sessions were because it meant that everyone was involved. If anyone answered a question incorrectly, they were always supported and guided to the correct answer by our course lead.'

Year 12 Student

Enrol today and ace your UCAT

We run masterclasses and events for schools!

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