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The Medapply Formula

Expertly crafted, the Medapply formula is the foundation of our expert courses. It was formed through analysis of all parts of the medical and dental school application processes.

With a specific formula for every topic of every course that we produce, we believe that this formula encapsulates the essence of what is expected of the very top medical and dental school applicants.

By following the simple Medapply formula for each topic, you can reach your goals with ease and take your medical or dental school application to the next level.

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Your Course Instructors 

Katherine Terence
Co-founder and director
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Hi, I'm a second year medical student at UCL with a passion for teaching. Initially, the lengthy application process was daunting but with practise and developing techniques that worked for me, applying for medicine seemed achievable and even enjoyable! I look forward to helping you reach this turning point by using our courses.

Shrey Parmar
Co-founder and director
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Hi! I study medicine at UCL and having been through this process myself, I understand how difficult applying to medicine and dentistry can be. There's so many moving parts, and so little time to focus on studying for A levels. I hope that our courses can make life a little easier for you, especially as we endeavour to work with schools as much as possible to make access to resources even easier than before!

Vacha Fadia
Content Manager

Hi, I'm Vacha and I'm a second year medical student at UCL. I am a course instructor and content manager for Medapply. I'm keen on helping students through the medical application process, giving you the strategies that we've formulated after hours of analysis. I look forward to guiding you on your journey to medical school.

Vivek Sivadev
Content Manager

Hi, I'm a medical student at St Andrew's University. The medical school application process is multi-faceted and could seem never-ending at first. With the resources, we've created at Medapply, we aim to help you get the best out of yourself and hopefully get into your dream medical school!

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