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International Consultations

We offer a comprehensive consultation service for students looking to study in the United Kingdom.

Understand the details of application process

We will cover how to write a standout personal statement, tips for the BMAT, UCAT and interviews.

We'll help you find a medical or dental school that suits you

Our tutors can help you pick the best universities for you based on your requirements and learning style.

Gain a student perspective on studying in the UK

Studying abroad is a huge decision for students and their families, hearing honest opinions from current students can be reassuring.

Why choose Medapply?

1000+ total hours taught

Our tutors have extensive teaching experience in each aspect of the application process.

Tutors from top medical and dental schools

All of our tutors hail from prestigious Russell Group universities including UCL, Cambridge, King's College London and Imperial College.

For students, by students

Our tutors are all current medical and dental students and have gone through the same processes as you. Our tutors can provide you with invaluable insights into the UK application process.


Consultations cost £25 per hour. Usually one consultation takes one hour, but our service is flexible and we can accomodate for a longer or shorter session.

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