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Medicine Interview Tuition

Stand out and ace your interviews with our expert tuition. By medical students, for medical students.

The Medapply pathway for Medicine Interview success

Step One: 
Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Your tutor will do this with you in your initial meeting. Your tutor will create a personalised lesson plan with these in mind.

Step Two:
Develop your interpersonal skills and tone

Your tutor will help you do this by going through different questions and providing insight into exactly what interviewers are looking for in a medical student.

Step Three:
Master the content of your answers

Medapply tutors are experts at crafting and structuring answers to common interview questions. These include questions surrounding motivation, work experience etc.


Master the medical school interview.

Step Four:
Practise with mock interviews

Hone your skills and learn to think fast under the pressure of an interview. Improve your confidence and cover more obscure questions to stretch your interview abilities.

Med interview pathway

What are the benefits of hiring a tutor?

Create bespoke techniques

Our tutors will help you develop techniques suited to your learning style and way of thinking.

Learn the content at your pace

In order to ace the interview, you will need to learn the key content. Cover it with an expert and spend more time on difficult areas.

Apply the Medapply pathway for sucess in a way that suits you

Adjust the principles of the interview pathway to capitalise on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Having a mentor

Our tutors have gone through the exact same process as you have. They are a great source of advice on how to tackle preparing for an interview and how to handle pressure.

Why hire a Medapply tutor?

1000+ total hours taught

Our tutors have extensive teaching experience in each aspect of the application process.

Tutors from top medical and dental schools

All of our tutors hail from prestigious Russell Group universities including UCL, Cambridge, King's College London and Imperial College.

Track your progress with our unique feedback system

After each session your tutor will fill out a progress report so that you can track your improvement.

For students, by students

Our tutors are all current medical and dental students and have gone through the same processes as you. We appreciate how useful it is to have an older student guide you though your application.


Book your free consultation with us to discuss your needs so that we can find the perfect tutor for you.

Our tuition service costs £40 per hour. Our service is flexible, allowing you to buy as many lessons as you would like. 

For a limited time only: receive £15 off every time you book 10 hours of tuition!

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