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The Medapply UCAT Course Outline

Use our carefully created, comprehensive UCAT course to ace all four sections of the exam.

Step One: 
Understand the general format of the exam

Our course contains 5 videos outlining the key info required to nail the exam.

Step Two:
Nail the theory behind verbal and abstrat reasoning and decision making

Use our 18 video tutorials to help you develop the logical skills required for this part of the exam.

Step Three:
Brush up on your maths for quantitative reasoning

Learn the maths required for quantitative reasoning using our 10 video tutorials covering every part of the UCAT specification.

Step Five:
Step Four:
Learn the principles of the SJT

Master the UCAT.

Consolidate your knowledge by working through our extensive question bank and revise using the Medapply booklet.

Use our 9 video tutorials to develop your understanding of ethics.

What our Course Contains

50+ video tutorials

UCAT checklist

The Medapply notes booklet

Question bank

Real-time exam walkthrough

What are the benefits of the Medapply UCAT course?

Covers all aspects of the specification

Our course has been built around the UCAT specification and is split into smaller sections with a checklist to track your progress.

Learn the content at your pace

Our video tutorials are short and concise. Access the information you need with ease.

The Medapply formula

Each tutorial is summarised by the Medapply formula, making it easier to consolidate your knowledge. 


Filled with techniques to ace the exam

Our unique tips will help you ace the UCTAT and improve your confidence. 

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