Medicine Interview Course

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Medicine Interview Course

What our Course Contains

5+ hours of video tutorials

Interview checklist

Medapply online guide to interviews

Extensive question banks

5 real-time mock interviews with integrated analysis

Sample Video

Here is an example of one of our video tutorials. This video is a part of the 'Content' section of our course, you will be able to access this alongside 21 other video tutorials upon purchase of our course.

Refer a Friend Scheme

If you and a friend both use a Medapply service, we can provide you both with a free 30-min mock interview with one of our top tutors. Simply quote one of your friend's first name and surname below.

For example, if Katherine Terence has referred Shrey Parmar to use Medapply's services, Shrey must quote "Katherine Terence" on the form below.

Our team will get in touch with you via email to arrange your interviews.

The Medapply Interview Course Outline

Use our carefully created, comprehensive interview course to ace all aspects of the interview.

Step One: 
Understand the general format of interviews and learn key skills

Our course contains 4 videos outlining the key info required to nail the interview.

Step Two:
Learn the key content and hot topics

Use our 22 video tutorials to develop your understanding of the world of medicine.

Step Three:
Brush up on your technique

Our course contains 16 videos to help you hone your interview technique.


Master your interviews.

Step Five:
Practice and analyse interviews

Consolidate your knowledge using our question banks and exclusive Medapply guide.

Step Four:
Understand what differentiates interview candidates

Watch our 5 real-time mock interviews with in-depth integrated analysis.

Which plan should I choose?

Our plans are flexible. Our monthly plan renews automatically every month, perfect if you are unsure as to how much time you will need to prepare. Our one-off payment plans for two or three months include free mock interviews with one of our top tutors, best suited for those who know when their interviews will be.


If you choose our two or three month plan, our team will get in contact with you to arrange your free mock interview.